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10 most expensive car license plates in the world

10 most expensive car license plates in the world

Most of the high-value license plates come from the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One license plate is sold in NFT form, while the “F1” license plate is in the highest valued category.

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10. Abu Dhabi’s No. 2 (UAE) – $2.7 million. Single-character number plates are very valuable in the UAE. In addition, the number “2” also has a special meaning when representing the founding date of this country, December 2, 1971. Entrepreneur Ahmed Al Mazroui won this special license plate auction with a bid of $2.7 million in 2015.

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9. Number 7 of Dubai (UAE) – 3.9 million USD. An unnamed UAE businessman bought the number plate “7” for $3.9 million in 2016. He said “7” is a lucky number, and also represents the number of emirates in the country. UAE.

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8. Number plate 09 of Dubai (UAE) – 6.7 million USD. Back in 2015, Balvinder Sahni bought this license plate for $6.7 million. “This is simply a gift I give myself every year,” Balvinder Sahni told CNN.

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7. Number plate 5 of Abu Dhabi (UAE) – 6.8 million USD. Entrepreneur Talal Ali Khouri got the license plate after the auction took place in 2007.

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6. Number plate D5 of Dubai (UAE) – 8.9 million USD. In 2016, businessman Balvinder Sahni continued to buy a D5 license plate for his Rolls-Royce. He also owns Dubai’s unique number plate O9 on another Rolls-Royce.

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5. Dubai license plate AA9 (UAE) – 10.3 million USD. In May 2021, the number plate AA9 was successfully sold at a charity auction organized by Dubai. This is part of the 100 million Meals campaign being rolled out across the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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4. Sign plate number 1 of Abu Dhabi (UAE) – 14.2 million USD. In 2008, Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri set the record for the most expensive single-letter license plate in the world, worth $14.2 million. “I bought it because it’s the best number,” the businessman said after the auction.

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3. California’s MM license plate (USA) – 16.3 million USD (at the time of listing). MM stands for Michael Modecki, the original owner of the number plate. In February of this year, this number plate was NFTized and posted for sale on OpenSea – a website specializing in buying and selling digital assets – for 5,888 ETH. With the exchange rate at the time of posting (1 ETH = 2,767 USD), this number plate is priced at about 16.3 million USD.

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2. Number plate “New York” of New York (USA) – 20 million USD. This is the only license plate with the words “New York” still valid on the streets of the United States. The car with the license plate has been associated with members of the American family since 1970. An anonymous person posted the Volvo V70 with this unique number plate on the classifieds website duPont Registry for $ 20 million.

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1. F1 license plate of Essex (UK) – 20 million USD. This unique license plate has been owned by Essex City Council since 1904. Afzal Khan, a British car designer, won it through an auction in 2008.



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