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Paradigm Investment Fund

Overview of Paradigm Investment Fund & Investment Trends Analysis of investment style and investment portfolio of Paradigm investment fund. Paradigm is one of the largest investment funds in the crypto market, having invested in many successful projects from 2017 to the present. Their enthusiastic support for projects not only in …

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Alameda Research

Overview of the Alameda Research Foundation – Solana’s Crazy Fan Provides information and in-depth analysis of the investment portfolio of the investment fund Alameda Research. If you have to rank the “crazy” Solana funds, perhaps no one can beat Sam Bankman-Fried and the Alameda Research team. So how do they …

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What is Web 3.0?

What is Web 3.0? Web3’s Potential to Change Humanity Web 3 is a keyword that has attracted a lot of attention lately. So what is Web 3 and does Web 3 really have the potential to change the kernel in the future? Quick Take Web 3.0 was born to address …

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Hashed Investment Fund

Hashed Fund Overview & Investment Trends Learn the basics of Hashed hedge fund, as well as Hashed’s portfolio, and investment strategy If most of Crypto’s big funds are located in European countries, then today, we will learn another “big hand”, but coming from Asia, specifically Korea, that is Hashed. Hashed …

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