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Casper Ecosystem (CSPR)

Casper Ecosystem (CSPR) – The Beginning of a Young Ecosystem

Casper Ecosystem Overview (CSPR) – The Beginning of a Young Ecosystem

Get an overview of the Casper ecosystem, to understand what the next steps of this ecosystem will be, thereby finding investment opportunities.

Casper is a relatively short-lived ecosystem, but has also attracted considerable attention from investors.

Overview of Casper Network

Casper is a blockchain that uses the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism and applies Casper CBC (Correct-by-Construction) technology, with the aim of making it easier for businesses and developers to access blockchain technology.

Casper allows businesses to choose between using a Public Network, a Permissioned Network, or a Private Network depending on their security needs, without compromising efficiency.

This has attracted many businesses and Web3 applications to develop partnerships with Casper.

Highlights of Casper Network

While first-generation blockchains solved some of the fundamental problems, current blockchains still face significant barriers in terms of performance, security, customizability, and scalability.

Faster platforms sacrifice decentralization and security for speed.

Casper Network was created to solve those problems. Casper Network has the following outstanding features:

  • Casper Proof of Stake (CBC).
  • Optimized for business.
  • Ability of extension.
  • Possibility to upgrade contracts.
  • Use WebAssembly.

Outstanding parameters

The outstanding parameters of the Casper blockchain:

  • Consensus Mechanism: Proof-of-Stake.
  • Validators: 100.
  • Governance: On-chain.
  • Blocktime: 65,536 ms.
  • Holders: 18,752.
  • Marketcap: $200 million.
  • Status: Mainnet from 2021.


The Casper Network project has many big investors, with 40 million dollars after 3 rounds of funding: Hashkey, Blockchange, Arrington XRP Capital,…

Founder and project development team

To look at a project and evaluate its potential, especially for startups, looking at the project founder is always one of the most effective ways.

Here, I will learn a little bit about the founder of the Casper Network project with you.

  • Studied Master of Science at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Intern at Oracle company 5 months of 2006 – a large company working on computer data.
  • Intern at Microsoft for 4 months 2007, working in the field of website data management, analysis and extraction.
  • 2008 – 2012: Working as a business consultant in the M&A segment at Bain & Company.
  • 2012 – 2017: Lead in Technology, Media and Telecommunications at Sagard Asset Management Fund.
  • 2010 – present: Acting as Angel investor for many major DeFi and platform blockchain projects.
  • 2016 – present: Investor for Splendid Spoon.
  • 2018 – present: CEO and Co-founder of Casper Labs.

As you can see, the project CEO is someone who has a lot of experience in the fields of investment, finance, and technology.

Having many years of experience in the market, having worked in many large companies around the world in the financial sector.

The Founder’s expertise and market understanding is probably not controversial.

Moreover, with the experience of angel investing in many large crypto projects, perhaps the project founder understands what makes a successful blockchain platform.

From there, maybe they will lead this platform to the boom in the future.

Casper’s Ecosystem

In general, DeFi on the Casper Network ecosystem is in its very early stages. The new mainnet project has not been long, and is taking the first steps of development.

Recently, there have been a number of notable events/organizations participating in the Casper ecosystem to promote its development.

I will talk more about these components in the lower part of the article.

The Friendly Hackathon – Hackathon of Gitcoin and Casper Network

This is the first hackathon of Casper Network, held from September 13 to October 13 this year.

Official Hackathon information, you can see here.

Hackathon has a total prize pool of 135,000 USD – a number that is not too large compared to ecosystems.

such as Tron’s $10 million Hackathon, Solana’s $1 million Hackathon,… but it’s a very reasonable start.

If you pay close attention, the early development ecosystems often open small hackathons, with just enough money to gradually attract developers to the platform.

For example, Near’s first hackathon in 2020 also has a total prize pool of 50,000 USD.

This both helps to tighten the platform’s spending, when the finance is not yet abundant, and is also suitable for the initial development needs of the project.


Sponsor of this hackathon

Currently, the hackathon is happening. I will update you guys on the status of the hackathon after this hackathon ends.

The infrastructure

As a new ecosystem, the applications we need to pay attention to are infrastructure applications.

Infrastructure applications are always a solid foundation for the development of an ecosystem, and this foundation needs to be built firmly.

Regarding the Oracle array, only one Oracle project has been said to be integrated into the system, which is Chainlink.

In addition, there has been no announcement of the integration of other Oracles. However, this is just an announcement, and there is no official product.

Regarding explorer applications, the explorers already present on the platform include: CSPR.live, Casperstats.io

These are just very basic and must-have infrastructure applications on blockchains.

The presence of these explorers ensures that anyone can track transactions on the platform, ensuring transparency for the blockchain.


On current Casper there is a first launchpad puzzle piece:

  • Casper Pad: The first launchpad project on Casper, preparing to launch the project’s token. You will need to stake CSPR to participate in buying project tokens.

The current Casper ecosystem is still very new. There are not many pieces of the puzzle yet, even the infrastructure pieces are still very new and primitive.

In my opinion, in the next few months, Casper Network will need to focus on building infrastructure to make a solid foundation for the development of the platform.

This time will not be quick. If you look at other platforms.

This time for Near is more than a year (from mid-2020 to the present, enough infrastructure pieces have already begun), for Solana it is more than half a year (one year). quite impressive speed when new mainnet late 2020).

So, it will take at least more than half a year, before the Casper ecosystem has enough infrastructure to develop, in my personal opinion.


Casper is currently trading on exchanges: BinanceKucoinHoubi.

Hopefully, through the article of idolmeta.net, you have had a better overview of the fledgling ecosystem called Casper.

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