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Coingecko Ventures Portfolio

Coingecko Ventures Portfolio – Overview of the Coingecko Ventures portfolio

Coingecko Ventures Portfolio – The article provides you with an overview of Coingecko Ventures as well as the projects they invest in.

CoinGecko Ventures

CoinGecko is a website that aggregates basic information about the Crypto currency market. In addition to tracking price, volume, and market capitalization, CoinGecko tracks community growth, open source development, key events, and on-chain metrics.

One of the earliest and largest cryptocurrency data aggregators, operating since early 2014. CoinGecko currently tracks nearly 5976 tokens from over 410 exchanges. This is a great place for anyone looking for crypto-related information.

From the resounding success and growing support from the community, CoinGecko is now a reputable name in the Crypto world and they recently established CoinGecko Ventures, an investment fund aimed at growth of the Crypto market.

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Standing behind CoinGecko Ventures are prominent names such as:

  • Bobby Ong (Co-Founder): Experienced in Digital Marketing, co-author of the book: The Hanbook of Blockchain, Digital Finance and inclusion and Handbook of Digital Currency.
  • Darren Lau (Research): In addition to his research at Coingecko, Darren is also a department head in TheSpartanGroup and one of the authors of the popular book “How to DeFi”.
  • Daryl Lau (Research): Experienced in investment funds. One of the investors of Mechanism Capital.


Here is a list of a few projects that CoinGecko Ventures invests in:


Zapper is a DeFi asset and debt management solution with a simple interface.

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Serum – the first DEX order-book exchange on the Solana blockchain. Enables fast transactions and leading scalability.


Frontier is a DeFi aggregation layer that helps users manage their assets across various blockchains and DeFi applications.


ParaSwap – aggregator offers users the best prices.

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Dune Analytics

Dune Analytics, a powerful tool for blockchain research. The project can extract queries and display, providing a large amount of information on the Ethereum blockchain.

You can read more about the project here.

Apy Finance

Apy Finance is an automated Yield Farming platform. Users only need to Deposit supported stablecoins (DAI, USDC, USDT) to APY Finance Platform. Then APY Finance smart contracts will circulate the capital flow to different farming strategies to give users the best profit.

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Dodo is a Dex – the new On-chain liquidity solution with a combination of AMM and Oracle.

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Defidollar – DUSD is a Stablecoin collateralized with Curve LP tokens and Peg at $1. Defidollar – DUSD has a self-balancing mechanism when the price of DUSD deviates from 1$.

Defidollar – DUSD provides a solution to diversify stablecoin holdings, hedging in case the price of Stablecoins deviates from the Peg price.

For example: When Defi is “Hot”, the price of DAI is always greater than $1 (the value that DAI Peg is in), or when USDT is FUD and only trades at $0.98 for a long time.

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Covalent is a project towards providing a data infrastructure for the entire blockchain ecosystem.


The Crypto field is receiving more and more attention, BTC is considered the new generation gold and is bought continuously by institutional investors.

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