In order not to lose a large amount of money and not invest in a project or program that is clearly unsuccessful, you should evaluate the following:

  • Possible profit size;
  • Amount and order of payment to partners;
  • The quality of the site for the program;
  • Availability of contact information;
  • User ratings of the site and program;
  • How long the program has been on the market;

And now details about each of the above points.

Potential profit

To determine if a particular project is right for you, you must first carefully research how much profit you can get from it. The higher the profit, the more profitable the project, but please note that some programs offer unrealistically high payout rates, for example 25% per day.

This is simply not possible, and therefore there is a high chance that you will be scammed. The most realistic interest rates are payments of 30 to 50% per month, which in any case seems quite attractive.

In addition, by specifying the payment amount, you can understand how long the project will take.

As a rule, projects are divided into:

  • High interest rates;
  • Average interest rates;
  • Low interest rates;
  • Different percentages;

The most risky but at the same time most attractive are projects with high interest rates. They offer payouts in excess of 60% per month, but are designed for short-term deposits. When choosing such projects, you should be most careful and pay attention to the completeness of contact information, as well as the availability and quality of their advertising in various sources.

The most optimal plan is the projects with average interest rate. The payouts for them range from 20 to 50%. Such projects last much longer than those with high interest rates and can be more profitable in the long run.

Here, it is best to wait for the first interest payments, and then you can invest again, especially if the project is advertised and actively discussed on various forums.

If the interest payment is not more than 20%/month, the projects are classified in the group of low and long-term interest rates. They live long enough, and it is better to invest in them after a few months of their successful work.

The advantage of such projects is that they provide reports of their earnings to the client, and the disadvantage is that the project may not earn at all and therefore it will have nothing to pay. Roughly speaking, working with such projects is transferring money to a trader who will work with them in the market and pay interest to the investor.

Amount and order of payment to partners

As a rule, the most reliable projects are those that do not promise more than 10% of the invested amount. If you are offered more, then most likely, the new deposit is the only source of income.

The quality of the site for the program

The better and better the site is made, the more guarantees are made about the reliability of the project. If you have a well-executed, user-friendly website with a nice design and original text, it’s reasonable to assume that money has been invested in it.

This can be an indicator that the creators hope for the longest possible life of the project. If you see a poor, inconvenient website with illiterate lines, then most likely such a project will not last long.

Contact information is available

The more information provided on the website, the more trustworthy the project. If you see an opportunity to contact technical support, as well as submit a complaint, then there is a good chance that such a project can be trusted.

User ratings of the site and program

The more information, advertisements, and reviews about the program are available from various sources, the more trustworthy it is. One of the most popular and frequently visited forums on this topic is the MMGP.

By visiting this forum, you can see and learn how people have successfully worked with the program you are interested in.

Both experienced investors and beginners sit here, and their opinions can be very helpful when choosing a program to invest in. After analyzing this information, you will be able to understand how long the site exists and works, pays interest on time and accurately, it is convenient to cooperate with it.

This will certainly help, especially for those who are new to the HYIP investment market.

The duration of the program on the market

This criterion can be influenced by many factors, some of which have been described above. In general, the trend is as follows: the longer a successful website has been in operation, the more trustworthy it is.

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