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Investment experience for beginners

Investment experience for beginners

1. Knowledge to grasp.

  • Need to know the basics of HYIP (can read this article carefully many times);
  • Basic understanding of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and coins in popular e-wallets like Perfect Money;
  • How to create wallet accounts to store cryptocurrencies as well as use them (buying, selling, sending and withdrawing), for example: opening a Blockchain wallet; open Trust wallet or create Perfect Money e-wallet;
  • Basic operations to participate in the project such as: creating an account, adding a personal wallet, setting account security, depositing, investing, withdrawing money, etc. To master this, you should register for a trial. account in several projects, this will help you understand the operations;
  • Types of HYIP projects, how it works and how to invest according to each type of HYIP project.

2. Information

  • Carefully read the information and check on https://smt-invest.com/ as well as other blogs, do not rely too much on one source of information; Pay attention to the project launch date so as not to participate in projects that are no longer relevant. Update information continuously.
  • Comprehensive information coordination will give investors a complete picture of the project before making an investment decision.
  • Follow scam projects (stop paying) for information to stop investing in these projects.

3. Investment strategy

If you want to go long-term and make money from the HYIP industry, you should refer to the 2–3-5 investment capital distribution rule as follows:

  • Spend 70% of investment capital for long-term HYIP projects.
  • Set aside 20% of investment capital for medium-term projects.
  • Spend 10-15% of the remaining investment capital to invest in short-term projects, projects that hit quickly – win quickly.

This is a distribution rule based on many years of investment experience of our experts you can refer to.


Must divide capital to invest at least 02 to 03 projects or more at the same time, to do this, you will never be afraid if a project closes. You are always alive and will have profit next week to continue to invest new.

When you earn X VND, you should only spend 1/2X, the rest reinvest 1/2X in a new project.

So when you follow the 2–3 5 rule and the reinvestment rule, you really don’t need to worry much about losing, the money will just come back to your wallet.

But, another factor that can completely influence this strategy that we all have to recognize is: LUCKY. Luck is always needed in life and it is something that has no rules, coming and going like a cool breeze. We always need luck at any point in our lives.

4. Common terms in HYIP

  • Trust site: The project is reputable, highly reliable, and has been confirmed (usually only reputable for a certain period of time, no type forever).
  • SCAM: The project no longer pays for investments or pays selectively (pays only a few people).
  • Script: The project’s program is rewritten in programming languages ​​to perform tasks on the web interface. Most of the scripts of HYIP projects today are purchased from pre-programmed packages. …
  • Minimum withdraw (Min withdraw): Minimum amount to be withdrawn each time.
  • Minimum deposit (Min dep): Minimum investment amount.
  • Cashout, Withdrawal: The function you use to make a withdrawal.
  • Instant Withdraw: Instant withdrawal processing, placing a withdrawal order will be processed immediately.
  • Manual Withdraw: Process withdrawals manually, after placing a withdrawal order, you need to wait for a period of time from a few hours or more before the order is processed.
  • Release Deposit: Early withdrawal before the investment term, normally will incur a fee of -5% of the investment amount or more.
  • Pending: Your withdrawal order is delayed indefinitely, 99% of cases pending for more than 24 working hours are all signs of a project that has turned into a Scam state (not paying for members’ investments).

5. Things to prepare when participating in HYIP investment

  • Personal email: used to register an investment account.
  • E-wallet, exchange account: such as Binance exchange account, Blockchain wallet; Trust wallet to store BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, etc. or create Perfect Money e-wallet.
  • Money: have money ready in your e-wallet or exchange account wallet
  • Select investment projects to participate in NEW HYIP, TOP HYIP, HYIP GROWTH

“HYIP LIST” on these items are all selected by our experts according to their own criteria and arrange them in each category in accordance with the criteria of that category. to suit your investment taste.


So through this article, SMT-INVEST has introduced you to the most basic understanding of HYIP as well as helped you have a correct mindset about HYIP investment and what to prepare before investing as well as its true nature.

Through this article, I also want to remind you that HYIP is not the way to get rich and get rich quickly. Do not try to put all the money you have to invest, just consider this as a playground, where you can gain more experience in a risky investment field, help train a solid mind. to face the dangers that are always waiting in front of you that can come at any time.

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