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Mechanism Capital – Mechanism Capital Portfolio Overview

Mechanism Capital is a Crypto Venture born in mid-2020. The article provides basic information about Mechanism Capital.

What is Mechanism Capital?

Mechanism Capital is a Crypto Venture launched in mid-2020. And Mechanism Capital mainly invests in the primary and secondary market in the Crypto sector and is currently focusing on the Defi segment.

Mechanism Capital does not stop at providing direct funding for projects but also participates in building tools for the ecosystem, doing research to provide knowledge for the community, participating in non-governmental governance concentrate.


Mechanism Capital has three founders, Andrew Kang, Benjamin Simon, Daryl Lau, all 3 have many years of experience in the Crypto field.

  • Andrew Kang: Co-Founder of Mechanism Capital, he is also a venture capitalist, Writer in the Crypto space.
  • Daryl Lau: Co-Founder of Mechanism Capital. Before coming to Mechanism, he worked as a Research Analyst for CoinGecko.
  • Benjamin Simon: Co-Founder of Mechanism Capital. At Mechanism, he takes on the role of Research & investment analysis.

Mechanism Capital Portfolio

  • Nsure Network: is a decentralized insurance solution that emulates the idea from Lloyd’s London. Their products focus on the Smart Contract Insurance segment.
  • Horizon Finance: is a Protocol that allows all Defi participants to manage their APY/interest rate. The goal of the project is to build an interest trading platform for Defi.
  • Covalent: a Protocol that allows Indexing and querying Data from Blockchain into HTML APIs, making working with Blockchains easier.
  • Frontier: is a DeFi aggregation layer that helps users manage their assets across various blockchains and DeFi applications.
  • Nansen: is a blockchain analytics platform that combines on-chain data and makes it available to users through their Website. Users can query SQL directly or through the API.

Although, not officially mentioned, it is possible that Andrew Kang has been investing in Empty Set Dollar, a project about algorithmic stablecoin (algorithmic stablecoin).


2/5 projects in the Portfolio of Mechanism Capital have been listed on the floor and are trading at the price of x2 – x5 of the Publics Sale price (Nsure and Frontier).

Like the majority of recently established Ventures (2019 – 2020), Mechanism Capital is investing mainly in Defi-related projects.

2/5 of the projects that Mechanism Capital invests in are in the “Working with external data” segment, a new and not very prominent segment, do they think this segment will thrive in the future?



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