Investing is not an easy process, requiring many qualities and capabilities of the investor.

The key points when working with HYIP are the knowledge of the investment market, the clear mind, the cold calculation, and the administrator’s ability to discern all tricks.

Unfortunately, people who are new to the investment world do not have some of these qualities due to their “nascent investment experience”.

In this article, the SMT-invest team will help both experienced investors and beginners to reduce the risk of losing money and get more profit on investment!

So here’s what you need to know first!

Don’t invest in a project without finding normal reviews on it. It’s easier to find reviews on forums of old-timers and others, and in HYIP monitoring groups on social media. When reading forum reviews, be sure to look at the number of messages from participants who have left a review of this HYIP.

If there are several of them, it is not particularly valuable to trust such an assessment.

hen checking social media reviews, go to the author’s page, see the author’s age (you can determine by scrolling through the wall posts and see their date), see the number of the author’s friends and photos. Their absence or presence in small numbers suggests that, perhaps, this is a fake writing review for a monetary reward.

In any case, do not invest in a project where you cannot contact the management in time. Only one email to communicate is a bad sign. At a minimum, a HYIP project must have a social media team with communication capabilities, an online consultant and technical support SKYPE, TELEGRAM.

You cannot trust the stories of administrators of HYIP projects. Their main task is to extort your money as much as possible. You can talk all night with the administrator, who will tell you almost the whole story of his life (and they are imaginative citizens), about how respectable he is and how he will pay regularly and eventually lose money. Everything must be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Don’t follow the herd instinct. You shouldn’t stake in a HYIP project just because everyone does it. Calm down. Any investment fund will sooner or later go into SCAM and it is your duty to realize this moment comes, regardless of the opinion of the crowd.

Use diversification wisely. Most investors are just starting to get used to the concept of “diversification of risk”, start depositing money anywhere, just don’t keep money in a project.

That seems to be the right thing, but now it is also necessary to choose projects for safety nets wisely, otherwise, there is no smell of any risk reduction. In fact, this is just an increment of them. So, if you decide to split your portfolio into multiple HYIP projects, choose each of them seriously.

Using unverified currency exchange devices is one of the most common and frustrating mistakes.After all, here you will lose money in the beginning, without even participating in the HYIP project.

The reality is that sometimes you want to contribute to the project, but it works with another payment system where you don’t have the money. It is necessary to exchange them and here you have a wide selection of exchange offices. Of course, some scammers lure you in with favorable exchange rates (sometimes in their absence) and it’s timely to resist the temptation.

But a few cents that you can save on exchanges believing their promises can turn into a full loss. ALWAYS use only proven EPS exchange offices, this will give you the opportunity to avoid such troubles.

” Dreams”. According to the investor, HYIP projects, sometimes, having chosen some worthy projects, he begins to dream and chart his profits for many years. And now, after a few years, he saw on his account six zeros, a house on the Cote d’Azur and a luxury car.

Unfortunately, as practice shows, an investment project can be closed at any time and the “dreamer” may be left with nothing. Remember, investments are always risky and not worth treating them as sole income, hoping for huge returns.

“Longevity is good.” Many new investors try to deposit money in the longest-term plan because of its generous rate of return. In fact, the HYIP administrators are not fools, and they offer such a profit simply because they did not expect to delay the project for too long.

It is best to deposit funds in those projects where the investment agency is “always within reach” and at the very beginning when a SCAM is suspected, it can be withdrawn.

“ALL IN” or all for reinvestment. To get the maximum profit, sometimes the investor returns the entire amount of interest received as a deposit back to the project.  Without a doubt, profits are growing exponentially, but only in fact, on the project’s balance sheet.

The most correct thing, and this is an indisputable fact, is to withdraw the capital of your deposit in the first place. You can then continue to invest the funds received from the HYIP in the form of interest. This strategy will help you always stay, if not profitable, at least preserve your capital.

Borrowing money to invest is perhaps the biggest mistake an investor can make. Knowing the risks when investing, you should understand that at any time you can not only lose everything, but also owe the bank a full amount. NEVER MAKE THIS DECISION!

However, the main mistake when working with HYIP projects is FEAR! Fear everything. Of course, he must be present, but within reasonable measures. The reality is that the investment market is a place for the adventurous. Sometimes, because investors are afraid to make big money, investors miss a really worthwhile project, from which others squeeze the most.

We do not encourage you to bet everything, but if you have found a worthy project, research it inside and out, read all the reviews and understand the risks, don’t be greedy and make a deposit a reasonable amount, not 1-2 dollars. Only in this way can you achieve tangible financial results for your activities.

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