What is Oracle?

What is Oracle? Oracle’s importance & trends in the future What is Oracle? What is the importance and trend of Oracle in the future? Let’s find out through article today. In recent times, along with DeFi, Oracle also has strong growth in price & capitalization. Oracle provides direct service …

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IOSG Ventures

IOSG Ventures – IOSG Ventures Portfolio Overview IOSG Ventures portfolio – Overview of the portfolio of IOSG Ventures, a fund with a vision and strong backing from the community. What is IOSG Ventures? Founded in 2017, IOSG Ventures is an investment fund focusing on Open Finance, Web 3.0 and cross-chain. …

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Elrond Network Ecosystem (EGLD)

Overview of Elrond Network Ecosystem (EGLD) Get an overview of the Elrond Network ecosystem: DeFi puzzle pieces, projects and project potential investment opportunities. In recent times, ecosystems have continued to grow strongly, with the continuous launch of packages to support the development of the system. Ecosystems move fast, there are …

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