What is EVM?

What is EVM? Will the EVM Blockchain empire keep its unique position forever?   What is EVM? What are the advantages & risks of EVM Blockchain and Non-EVM Blockchain? Where are the opportunities for Non-EVM Blockchains to develop? In the crypto market, you have heard a lot about the concept …

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Mina Ecosystem

Mina Ecosystem – The infrastructure puzzle is still incomplete How is the Mina ecosystem currently in the development stage? What are the next steps of this ecosystem? Where are the investment opportunities? For all ecosystems, it takes time to build a solid foundation first to attract more developers, more users, …

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Boba Network Ecosystem

Boba Network Ecosystem – The “infancy” stage is ready for a big step Boba Network is a Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum. Does DeFi on the Boba Network ecosystem really have potential? In recent times, ecosystems have continuously alternated with strong growth, especially in the context that transaction fees …

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Basic Terms