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Spartan Capital Investment Fund

Spartan Capital Investment Fund Overview & Investment Trends

Analysis of investment style and portfolio of investment fund Spartan Capital.

What is Spartan Capital?

Spartan Group is an Advisory Firm & Crypto fund, Spartan Group has 2 main divisions: Spartan Advisory and Spartan Capital.

  • Spartan Advisory is a financial consulting firm specializing in blockchain, the services they provide include: financial advisory services, corporate consulting, fundraising, M&A, corporate strategy and development, public structure company, partnership, market penetration strategy. Below are the clients of Spartan Advisory.
  • Spartan Capital is a Crypto Venture that mainly invests in the primary and secondary market in the field of Crypto. Their team has over 20 years of experience in investment research and capital management for leading companies such as Goldman Sachs and Indus Capital (a hedge fund under management of $6.5B).

Within the framework of this article, we will take a closer look at Spartan Capital’s team and Portfolio without mentioning too much about Spartan Advisory.


Some prominent members at Spartan Capital:

  • Casper Johansen: Founder of The Spartan Group. In addition, he is also an entrepreneur, investment banker, company executive, venture capitalist.
  • Jason Choi: Head of Research by Spartan Capital. In addition, he is also the Founder of Blockcrunch Podcast. Before entering the field of Crypto, he is a venture capitalist in the traditional financial market, and has experience working at investment funds and well-known companies such as: Contrary Capital, Deloitte. However, Jason has officially left Spar

Spartan Capital Portfolio

Below is an overview of Spartan Portfolio.

Spartan Portfolio Overview

Next, we will take a look at a few outstanding projects of each Sector:


This section includes projects that are considered the foundation of DeFi, for example: Layer 1, Layer 2, Oracle, etc.

Band Oracle: One of Crypto’s first Oracles, with the number of customers using it always in the top 5 compared to the rest of the projects.

Number of partners of Oracle projects

Secret Network: A Blockchain located in the Cosmos ecosystem with transaction security features.

Polkadot: Multi-chain blockchain, allowing smaller chains (Parachain) to connect with each other. This model is similar to Cosmos’ Internet of Blockchain.

Asset Managerment

Alpha Finance Lab: A cross-chain Defi platform, a project focused on building an ecosystem of financial products and services serving users on different blockchains, starting with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum.

Tranchess: Asset management project through 3 different ways of tokenization. This is a fairly popular Asset Management project on Binance Smart Chain.


Pendle: Pendle is an AMM but not for trading conventional assets, but tokenized futures (Yield).

Apwine: Similar to Pendle, users can lock up assets, generating profits that are tokenized in the form of futures contracts, allowing DeFi users to trade these “profits.”

HaloDAO: AMM similar to Curve, but not only focused on Stablecoins, but also supports minting Stablecoins from external currencies.


Synthetix: A pioneer project in the creation of Crypto’s synthetic (Synthetic) assets.

dydx: Derivatives exchange with the largest revenue today.


Projects in this category are meant to be feature-integrated, or DEXs that aggregate liquidity from multiple sources.

Zapper: Zapper is an all-in-one project that allows users to interact with many popular Protocols such as Swap, Lending, Saving, etc. in one interface.

Coin98: A multi-product ecosystem, notably the Multichain Wallet with integrated features, you can Swap, transfer tokens to another chain, store NFT, etc. conveniently.

1inch: One of Crypto’s First Aggregator DEXs.


Merit Circle: A project about the Gaming Guild, not only supporting players with scholarships, but also connecting them together, forming a strong community.


Alchemix: The project stands out for its non-liquidated loan feature thanks to its self-paying interest rate mechanism.

Beta Finance: Beta Finance is the first IDO of Alpha Launchpad, belonging to the Alpha Finance ecosystem. The project helps in addition to helping users borrow money, also supports the short asset feature.

MakerDAO: One of the first major projects in the Lending array, in other words, the inspiration for many Debt Protocol projects later.


Horizon Finance: Protocol allows all Defi participants to manage their APY/interest rate. The goal of the project is to build an interest trading platform for Defi.

BitDAO: The project is a community created with the desire to support new projects.

Ecosystems in Spartan Capital’s Portfolio

Like funds, Spartan also invests mainly in Ethereum. In addition, they are also interested in other Blockchains, and all belong to the ecosystem of the Internet of Blockchain such as Polkadot or Acala; or smaller chains in Cosmos, that is Secret Network, Persistence.

Spartan is also a fund with good vision, as they also chose a potential Layer 2 project of Ethereum, which is Arbitrum. Unlike the construction of Layer 1 Portfolio mentioned above, Spartan only chose one Arbitrum project, showing that they only chose one of the potential projects to hedge against the risk of losing position when Layer 2 ascends the throne, not widely. even.

On Solana – one of the current extremely hot ecosystems, there are not too many names on the investment list, notably Solstarter, Burnt Finance.

Spartan Capital Portfolio Review


Out of about 70 projects that Spartan has invested in, about half of them have released Tokens and list of exchanges, the rest are in the early stages, MVP or not yet Launch Token.

The top 5 projects with the best performing Tokens (price of ATH compared to ATL) are:

  • SNX: 95.100%
  • BAND: 11.415%
  • ALPHA: 11.269%
  • MKR: 3.745%
  • SCRT: 2.752%

Investment trends of Spartan Capital in 2021

In 2021, Dephi Digital invests in more than 30 projects with a rate of about 40% all in Seed Round, the rest is divided equally in Strategic and Series A, these projects are:

Spartan’s vision in 2021 is that the NFT trend will take the throne, with the largest number of funded projects compared to the rest of the segments. In it, there are 3 games, 1 Metaverse project and 1 DAO.

The Play to Earn trend has gradually developed into communities (Guilds) like Yield Guild Game – the first Crypto Gaming community. Spartan shows his prediction that the Gaming trend will not be short-term by investing in another DAO, which is Merit Circle.

The reason for the above statement is that these DAOs do not make profits as quickly as pure game development, and the initial profits are often used for reinvestment.

Next, Spartan also invests in a lot of DEXs working in the Yield segment, which also shows that they want to catch the future trend of DEX, without having to follow the current trend of basic DEXs.

Regarding Derivatives, Claystack and PStake are two projects in the same segment as Lido. If Lido has shown its dominance in this segment, then with the investment in the two projects above, Spartan also believes that the “piece of cake” Liquid Staking is still large, and Lido, although large, cannot hold it alone over.


Looking at the list of investment projects of Spartan Capital, we can partly guess their opinion. Spartan invests heavily in the project on Ethereum, but does not rule out the development of other chains. An interesting thing is that they rarely participate in deals in Solana.

What do you think about Spartan Capital’s Portfolio, you can comment below with idolmeta.net !




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