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What are Nodes?

What are Nodes? How Nodes in Blockchain Work What are Nodes? What role does Node play in the operation of Blockchains? How many types of main nodes are there in a Blockchain? Find out now!!! It can be said that Blockchain Nodes are the infrastructure of Blockchain, in today’s article, …

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What is OTC?

What is OTC? Why should you trade BTC on the OTC market? OTC is a popular trading market. So what is the OTC market? How does OTC trading work? Find out here! In Crypto, in addition to mainstream trading on CEX or DEX, you will often hear about OTC transactions …

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What are stablecoins?

What are stablecoins? Stablecoin classification & price balancing mechanism What are stablecoins? Why are stablecoins important in crypto? How many types of Stablecoins are there? Learn all about stablecoins here! Cryptocurrencies are known for their huge volatility in the short and long term. Although DeFi promises to take Crypto to …

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What is Ethereum(ETH)?

What is Ethereum(ETH)? Ethereum History   What is Ethereum(ETH)? What is the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum? Learn all about Ethereum and ETH coin tokenomics now! There is a truth that: When asked “What is Ethereum?” 90% of crypto market participants answered ETH. However, isn’t that true? In this article, …

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What is BTC Dominance (BTC.D)?

What is BTC Dominance (BTC.D)? Bitcoin Dominance Overview What is BTC Dominance? How to trade with BTC Dominance? What are the limitations of BTC.D? Learn all about Bitcoin Dominance here! As an important indicator and always associated with price & market capitalization, BTC Dominance (or Bitcoin Dominance) is used by …

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