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What is DCA?

What is DCA? 03 notes when using DCA strategy in Crypto

What is DCA? When should a DCA strategy be used? What are the pros and cons of this strategy? Here are 3 must-know notes when DCA in Crypto!!!

In this article, we are going to discuss an investment strategy called averaging (DCA, Dollar-Cost Averaging), what it is, how it works, and some notes on its use. this strategy.

What is DCA?

DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) is an investment cost averaging strategy, also known as price averaging strategy. It is an investment strategy with the aim of reducing the impact of price fluctuations on asset purchases.

To put it simply, DCA is breaking down the investment amount into different parts instead of investing all the capital at once. In the long run, such a strategy works to reduce the negative impact of a bad entry on your investment.

This is a popular financial investment strategy, especially in the crypto market, which is highly volatile.

What is DCA?

How does the DCA strategy work?

Let’s look at this strategy through an example:

Assume: Jack has a fixed amount of $40,000 and Vi thinks investing in Bitcoin is a reasonable decision. Jack thinks that the price is likely to fluctuate in the current zone and this is a favorable area to accumulate and build a position using the DCA strategy.

Jack can split $40,000 into 400 parts, $100 each. Every day, Jack will buy $100 worth of Bitcoins, regardless of the price. This way, Jack will extend his entry over a period of about 13 months.

If Jack had started in early 2020, he would have had a pretty decent return of almost x3 assets in 1 year.

DCA strategy when investing in Bitcoin

From the above visual example, you can see that the main benefit of the cost averaging strategy is to reduce the risk of investing at the wrong time.

Market timing is one of the most elusive things when it comes to trading or investing.

Often times, even if you have the right direction of the trade, the timing of the investment can still be skewed, which makes the entire trade inaccurate.

The price averaging strategy helps to mitigate this risk.

If you divide your investment into smaller chunks, the investment results can be better than if you invest the same amount in several bulk purchases. Buying at the wrong time is easy to happen and it leads to bad investment results.

Furthermore, you can remove some bias from your decision-making process. When you commit to a cost averaging strategy, it will make the decision for you.

The purpose of the DCA strategy is to buy and hold a position long enough that timing doesn’t matter.

In addition, if you have considered using the cost averaging strategy of investing in a position, you should also set up an exit plan for yourself.

In the case of BTC, despite the downturns, BTC remains in a continuous uptrend.

Of course, averaging investment costs does not completely reduce risk. The idea of this strategy is to reduce the risk of bad times, making the investment smoother.

An investment cost averaging strategy is by no means a guarantee of successful investment, and basic research is needed in this regard.

Advantages and disadvantages of DCA strategy


The DCA strategy is advantageous because of its easy implementation. If you are new to the world of Crypto investing, this is a good way to start as you have less to do with price changes.

By using the DCA strategy, investors do not need to search for the best time to invest and still get relative profits, as long as the right long-term trend is identified.

They just need to define a regular amount to invest as well as the investment schedule and then start the process.


While DCA can help you avoid some bad buying decisions, sticking to the DCA strategy can sometimes cause you to miss out on some great opportunities to make big profits (for example, a strong Dump). of the crypto market in March 2020).

The DCA strategy targets the mid-range. So, for investors looking to make the most of price changes, DCA is not the best strategy.

When the DCA strategy should not be used

If the market is in a sustained uptrend, it can be assumed that those who invest earlier will get better results.

In this regard, trying to average investment costs can reduce returns in a sustained uptrend. In this case, a one-time investment may be better than cost averaging as shown below.

Where the market is in an uptrend

On the other hand, investment cost averaging (DCA) only works well when the primary trend of the underlying asset is bullish over the long term.

If you misidentify this strategy also will not bring the desired profit for you.

Identify the right strategy to bring profit

03 notes to know when using DCA strategy

Here are 3 notes for you when using the price averaging (DCA) strategy:

  • The price averaging strategy is only suitable for spot trading, it is not recommended for anyone to average the price in Margin, Future and other leveraged financial products because of the high risk and possibility of account burnout.
  • In Crypto, if you choose coins & tokens with a bad foundation or implement a DCA strategy in a long-term Downtrend (8 – 10 years), price averaging can suck your capital more and make you wait for a while. long time. Therefore, analyzing the market and identifying the main trend is one of the main factors to help you successfully implement the DCA strategy.
  • To minimize risk, you should balance to manage capital clearly. When investing in anything, if it has reached the take profit or stop loss level that you have set, you need to stop immediately. Do not be greedy or regret too much.


Investment cost averaging (DCA) is a popular investment strategy that helps to minimize the impact of price fluctuations on an investment.

The main benefit of using this strategy is its effectiveness over the long term. Timing the market is very difficult, so those who do not want to actively monitor the market can still invest this way.

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