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What is HYIP?

What is HYIP? Behind the perfect cover of “Super Profit Investment”

What is HYIP? What exactly is HYIP investment? Is this really a “super profitable investment”? See now the experience of playing HYIP here!!!

Surely many of you are no stranger to the HYIP investment form with attractive offers such as 100% huge profits in a short time.

But what is the true nature of HYIP? Is it really that easy to eat? Let’s learn about HYIP’s operating model with Idolmeta.net in this article!

What is HYIP?

HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) can be understood as super profitable investment. This is a form of investment that does not require participants to be financially savvy, because users only need to deposit money to a certain party and receive periodic interest.

Regular HYIP investment will bring very high returns, much higher than you depositing money into a bank account. HYIP allows you to invest and earn money and profit by month, day or even hour depending on the regulations of each site.

Basically, investing in HYIP sites is quite simple, your job is just to bring the investment money to the HYIP site and then wait for the withdrawal date, you will enjoy the interest rate according to the specified % of that site. Interest rates of HYIP sites are usually very high.

What exactly is HYIP investment?

Any investment opportunity that promises high, easy, risk-free returns is indicative of dishonesty. The High Risk – High Return principle holds true in almost all markets.

So, most of the HYIPs are Ponzi schemes and organizers that aim to steal users’ invested funds. In there:

  • Money from new investors is taken to pay the profits to the original investors.
  • Money is not invested and no actual underlying profit is earned.
  • The new funds are only used to pay those who joined the scam earlier.

Although Ponzi schemes have existed since the early 20th century, the development of digital communication technology has made it much easier for scammers to perform Ponzi schemes.

You can learn more about what a Ponzi is, as well as how to scam investors using the Ponzi model through the article below.

Learn: What is a Ponzi? Why are so many Crypto investors still falling into the Ponzi trap?

Of course, not all HYIPs are scams. Not to mention, in crypto there is also a form of making a relatively stable profit of 10 – 100% per year, such as providing stablecoin pair liquidity to participate in Liquidity Mining of some protocols.

Example: Provide UST-USDT liquidity on DFYN and then staking LP tokens on Dinoswap or deposit UST on Anchor to earn 20% APY profit per year,…

Provide stablecoin pair liquidity on Dinoswap with almost 20% profit

The above will probably be easy for many of you familiar with Crypto. Even 10% – 20% of your profit a year is still small, but that interest rate is almost higher than the deposit interest rate of banks.

In the eyes of many people who are not familiar with Crypto, the above interest rate is an attractive interest rate. If someone does everything, they just need to deposit money and wait to receive monthly interest, do you think they will accept?

Of course, higher profits still have certain risks for example, protocol being hacked, UST & USDT prices deviating pegs, USD & JPY exchange rates, etc. Overall, it’s still a problem of Risk & Return .

Should you invest in HYIP?

As I mentioned above, not everyone who invests in the HYIP model loses everything. Because if it were all like that, this type of investment would not exist by now.

It is important that you understand the source of that interest for a long time, its operating model and the surrounding risks so that you can make a more accurate decision whether to invest in that HYIP project or not. Are not.

On the other hand, never put capital into a HYIP investment channel, because most HYIPs are ponzi schemes, or otherwise high-risk (minority) investment models, so if you put “All in” once in the hope of changing your life, it is not small that you will lose all your money.

In addition, you should not borrow capital to invest in HYIP because they have too many potential risks, if you borrow money to invest, in the worst case you can lose money and bring debt into your body, many bad effects. face to you and those around you.


So they have learned what HYIP is and should invest in HYIP. If you have other questions related to the above topic, please comment below for Idolmeta.net to support right away!

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