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What is Social Token?

What is Social Token? The Next Giant Trend in Crypto

What is Social Token? Learn about the characteristics and different forms of Social Token, and find investment opportunities with this big trend!

DeFi brings on-chain finance and grows them to the next level.

Gaming with the play-to-earn model monetizes the gaming industry.

Social Tokens monetize everything that has a community and helps to expand the network effect.

While DeFi is still considered the mainstream of Crypto and we are still busy looking for gems in this area, there is a game project out there that has surpassed all DeFi projects in terms of revenue.

Token of the project X1000 seed price and became the pioneer of the Play-to-Earn game trend.

Axie Infinity’s revenue in the last 30 days far exceeds any other big-name DeFi project

Cryptocurrency is a new space with a lot of potential waiting to be discovered.

And today I will introduce to you a trend that will most likely not be inferior to, or even surpass, DeFi in value in the future – Social Tokens.

The content in the article includes the concept of Social Tokens, why you need Social Tokens, types of Social Tokens, potential and finally an analysis of development trends from which to find the right branch for investment.

What is Social Token?

Social Token is a token created around an individual, group, content creator (creator) or a certain brand.

Each type of social token will have a different use case depending on the token issuer, and as the name suggests, the stronger the token issuer’s community, the more valuable the token is.

Some other names of Social Tokens: Personal Tokens, Community Coins, Creator Coins

Gucci can create its own coin called GU coin and, Taylor Swift can have TAYLOR token,..

Imagine that every individual, every celebrity, every brand, every entertainment industry, every field, etc. has a community in the world issuing their own token, do you think the value of the market is? How much can that reach?

What do Social Tokens bring?

It is no coincidence that I think this will be one of the giant sectors of Crypto, the benefits that Social Tokens can bring are too great and everyone will want a part of this giant piece of cake.

Below are some applications of Social Tokens:


“Play” adding the “Earn” element is the cause for the miraculous development of the gaming segment in Crypto.

Similar to Social Tokens, the monetize factor helps to open many new doors for individuals and brands, some typical examples can be mentioned as:

  • Payment instruments: Fans can use tokens to exchange for accessories, certain items (hat, shirt, music disc, ..) of their favorite idol or brand, the token can also be used as a voucher discount in the payment.
  • Unlocking privileges: Holding a certain amount of tokens will unlock different privileges (similar to the tier system in DeFi).
  • Flexibility: When the Creator (or another party) wants to have some capital to serve their needs, instead of waiting for their work to be sold to receive money, they can sell some of their Social Tokens. Let’s go.
  • Eliminate third parties: Individuals and groups can raise capital directly from the community, who believe in them through Social Tokens.

Network Effect

Dogecoin (DOGE) is a token with no value in terms of applicability and value capture.

But thanks to the strong meme and community, Dogecoin has become one of the projects with the top market capitalization, which is the strength of Network Effect. Things Social Tokens can do to promote network effects:

  • Extensibility: Owning tokens means you already own a part of the project. When we are a token holder ourselves, we will be more inclined to build and develop because they know the bigger the community, the more valuable our tokens are.
  • Symbolism: Social tokens are symbolic and have great spiritual value. Instead of using money as a reward and users quickly forgetting, giving Social Tokens and being part of the community will help promote the growth of the network.
  • Free Incentive: Do you remember the time when you did testnet to receive “worthless” tokens from the project? However, we still work hard because of the expectation that the token will have value and increase in price in the future.

Social Tokens are similar, creators do not take much effort to create tokens for themselves, instead of monetary incentives, they can use tokens as incentives. This generally opens a new portal where creators can take measures to increase awareness with minimal cost.

Classification of Social Tokens

Social Tokens are divided into three categories:

  1. Social Platform tokens: Is the token representing the platform to help create and trade Social Tokens. Examples include Rally (RLY), Bitclout (CLOUT), TryRoll (-),
  2. Personal tokens: A token that represents an individual. Fans need to buy coins to enjoy the creator’s benefits.

Personal token example

       3. Community tokens: A token that represents a group. Some typical examples include: $WHALE, $FWB,…users must have tokens to participate in the community and enjoy the specific benefits of that community.

The Potential of Social Tokens and Early Signs of Development

If every individual, organization, brand, industry, and community had a token, how many billions of dollars would that market be?

  • According to Selectusa, the US service industry alone brought in nearly $2 trillion in revenue (in 2017).
  • According to hollywoodreporter, the revenue of the US entertainment industry reached 685 billion USD in 2020, this number has decreased due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Not to mention the huge amount of celebrities, influencers, creators, they all have their own communities and now they have one more way to monetize themselves.

We can start to see the development of the trend as the number of individuals and groups starting to create Social Tokens as well as their value is increasing.

Top most supported individuals on Rally and how much they are supported by the community

Top 2 community tokens today

Clubs also partner with Chiliz to issue tokens for their fans

Already, celebrities have started reaching out to Social Tokens like rapper Lil Pump with $PUMPCOIN, token holders can play 1:1 games with the rapper who has nearly 16 million followers.

Or rapper Lil Yachty also raised more than $276,000 through the sale of YACHTYCOIN, token holders can receive memorabilia from Lil’s career and meet their idols online.

Regarding cash flow, projects on Social Tokens have started to receive attention and get cash flow from VCs:

  • Rally: One of the leading platforms for creating and using social tokens raised over $22 million in April 2021.
  • Showtime: Allows users to create and share NFT works and can buy creator tokens for $7.6 million (May 5, 21).
  • Coinvise: A social platform that raised $2.5 million (June 29, 21).
  • Calaxy: An app that allows creators and celebrities to raise capital with tokens and help fans interact with idols raising $7.5 million (July 1, 21).

The most prominent Social Tokens projects today

As mentioned above, there are 3 types of social tokens and I will go through the most prominent names of each type and their advantages and disadvantages.

Social Platform tokens

1. Rally ($RLY)

Rally is a platform that allows users to create their own Social Tokens and buyers can enjoy benefits from the token creator.


  • Easy to use, Rally creates a framework that makes creating and monetizing Social Tokens very simple for both Crypto and non-crypto users.
  • The cost is cheap because Rally is built on its own sidechain.


  • Because it builds on its own sidechain, Social Tokens in Rally are platform dependent, which means tokens generated in Rally can only be used in Rally.
  • Besides, if you want to create tokens on Rally, you need to fill out an application and wait for approval from Rally.

2. TryRoll (-)

Similar to Rally, Try Roll is also a platform that allows users to create and use Social Tokens, the project was hacked and lost $5.7 million. However the project did not give up and continued to grow.

Currently, TryRoll is one of the most prominent platforms and is the birthplace of some of the most prominent community tokens today (more on this later).


  • The generated Social Tokens are ERC20 tokens, this is a great advantage because tokens can now be traded on exchanges, can create pools and provide liquidity,… Tokens generated from TryRoll can do everything that current ERC20 tokens can do.


  • To create tokens on Roll, you need to fill out an application and wait for approval from Roll, and of course, because it is an ERC20 token, it will need users with Crypto knowledge and will also have to spend a lot of gas to create tokens.

3. Bitclout ($CLOUT)

Bitclout is a social network similar to Twitter, Facebook, but Bitclout will operate on a decentralized mechanism and allow users to create social tokens to represent themselves.


  • Anyone can create an account and own their own tokens instantly.
  • Others can invest in anyone’s tokens, creators can send tokens, charge fees and do other tasks according to their needs.
  • Bitclout develops its own blockchain, so transaction costs are very low.


  • At a new stage and lacking much infrastructure and tools compared to current social networks, Social Tokens created on Bitclout can only be used on Bitclout.
  • Difficult to reach non-crypto users (because to create an account on Bitclout, you need to pay in Bitcoin or buy on CEX).

Personal tokens

At the present time, more and more individuals have been issuing tokens for themselves, each token has its own privileges of the creator and those who buy the token will enjoy those privileges.

You can access platforms like Rally to refer to the use cases created by each individual.

Some interesting cases can be mentioned as $ALEX and $KERMAN tokens (can be found on Coingecko), token holders can vote to make important life decisions of Alex and Kerman.

Alex and Kerman will also use part of the revenue from their work to buy back tokens.

Community tokens


WHALE is the largest community token currently created from TryRoll.

The special feature of WHALE is that the token is backed by a vault containing NFT, that number of NFTs will be exchanged to increase the value of the vault, thereby increasing the value of the token.

Some NFTs are owned in the vault of WHALE – Source: Whale.me

You must have a certain amount of WHALE to join the community on Discord, you can unlock different roles by holding how many WHALE tokens.

WHALE owns the most valuable NFTs in the market at the moment and there are many ways for WHALE to generate revenue from it (NFT rental, NFT display,…). WHALE’s community is one of the most active today.

However, a note is that the NFT vault currently used to back WHALE tokens is essentially just an Open Sea wallet address ⇒ WHALE token holders do not actually own the NFT vault and are by no means guaranteed to be the community.

it will be safe if one day the creator of WHALE wants “Rug-Pull”.

2. Friends With Benefits (FWB)

Friends With Benefits was one of the first tokenized communities. You must hold FWB tokens to join Friends With Benefits’ hidden discord.

In order not to misunderstand, Friends With Benefits is a community with many like-minded people towards the development of Web3. The FWB community is very active in helping and sharing on many different aspects from technology, ideas, problem solving,…

3. Cherry token (CHERRY)

The CHERRY token was hacked and the value dropped by more than 99%, but the concept of the project is quite unique.

Cherry is basically a website with 18+ content, the more CHERRY you hold, the more content you can open. Before the time of being hacked, the CHERRY token grew continuously and there was a time when Cherry’s capitalization reached 100 million dollars.

I included it here for you to see how diverse the forms of Social Tokens can be and their value when tokenized. This is a huge space and real opportunity can come from anywhere.

Analyze trends and find investment opportunities

Below is the price chart of prominent tokens in 3 types of Social Tokens:

As you can see except for FWB, most tokens have similar price models

It is highly likely that the previous growth is just a temporary trend and it is not clear which type of Social Tokens the money will focus on first.

Below, I will analyze and predict the types of Social Tokens to help you make the right choice for yourself.

Social Platform tokens

Social Platforms is currently divided into two directions:

  1. Accessible to newbies but limited in platform (Rally, Bitclout).
  2. Hard to reach but flexible (TryRoll).

In both directions, we evaluate the potential:

  • Direction (1) is suitable for individuals – create tokens and desired use cases without spending too much time learning new things.
  • Direction (2) is suitable for the community and brand with more flexibility and scalability

In terms of investment, Social tokens are a safe and sustainable choice because the quantity is not much and this is the place to go to create the other two types of tokens.

The current biggest limitation of social platforms is that they are still too new and need time to develop infrastructure, effective toolkits and models,…

For example currently:

  • Bitclout only supports very basic social networking tasks.
  • TryRoll doesn’t have a token yet.
  • Rally has tokens but lacks a good model to capture value for tokens.

Rally is the leading platform for social tokens at the moment, but the project does not have a complete model to capture value for the platform’s tokens.

On Rally, if fans want to buy an individual’s token, they can pay directly with a debit card or in a variety of crypto currencies.

RLY token has almost no effect, although recently Rally has had information about creating more use case governance for RLY, but I think it is not enough.

There should be a fee chart model to generate revenue for the Social platform, for example when someone mints social tokens they will have to pay a small part of the fee, or when fans buy Social Tokens they are also charged (similar to transactions on the current AMM).

Personal tokens

In the past, the NFT movement was popular among artists, and a series of stars began to NFT their works or objects and sell them in the community.

Prominent among these can be mentioned music producer 3LAU with the album auction in the form of NFT for $ 11.6 million.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey also made his first NFT tweet and that NFT sold for $2.9 million. Other celebrity list includes Shawn Mendes, Steve Aoki, rock band King of Leon,…

Jack Dorsey’s first tweet

This proves that the artist world is very interested in ways to monetize themselves, and as long as someone big enough to create Social Tokens, I think that will be the first shot to start the explosion. of personal tokens.

Unlike Social platforms tokens, this branch is quite successful and “instant noodles”, because creating personal tokens is very simple through platforms and they already have their own fan community.

Community tokens

Whale and Friends With Benefits are two Community tokens, but the surprise is that the capitalization is close to the current leading Social platforms Rally.

This proves the great potential of Community Tokens

Different from the “instant noodles” element of Personal tokens, Community tokens are tokens that can grow steadily with the development of the community.

A strong enough community with a common goal has great potential.

This is quite similar to the concept of DAO (Decentralized Autonoumous Organiaztion), you can refer to the operating model of today’s largest DAOs to understand the development potential of community tokens.

To invest in Community tokens, one will need to pay attention to that community as well as whether holding the Community tokens has any value.


  • Social Platform tokens: The search scope is small and has the potential for sustainable growth, but it is still at an early stage and risky to invest.
  • Personal tokens: Wide search range, high risk high return can explode at any time.
  • Community tokens: The search scope is wide, but when looking for a project with a strong community and the right model, it is worth our attention.

Hopefully, the article of idolmeta.net has provided you with the necessary information to understand and recognize the consulting basis of Social Tokens, below is a summary of some of my definitions of Social Tokens:

  • Social tokens can become a big trend similar to DeFi or Play-to-earn.
  • Social tokens are still in a very new stage, there are many risks but also many opportunities.
  • There are 3 types of Social tokens, each of which will have different rules of the game, and we need to be sure before we go looking for tokens to invest.




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